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"Why'd ya' hav' t' go make things all complkaaayted?"

Good news: Saw The Two Towers Today
Bad news: Didn't meet up with anyone in the theatre
Good news: Saw catmandux in the bathroom after the film
Bad news: Had to wait an hour for anyone else

Rest is good news.
Got to see cyruska and charleniehead. And Morgan, and Claudia, and last_soldier. All quite nifty

I also grabbed a really cute penguin. But I don't think I'll be giving it to faboo. My Penguin. That sounds nice, yeah?

Funny exchange:
Me [all bubbly]: I'm going to Ohio!
Someone: And this is a good thing?
Someone else: Girl.
Someone: Oh.

Okay, yeah.

GOT THE BAG BACK. Everything that was in it was returned to me. However, the parents opened it upon its return. I wonder if they uncovered the FCC? Oh well. My mom has once before. Nothing much I can do about it.


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