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Evil, evil

First, before the evil, Happy Birthday, creatrixx.

Second, before going to the airport with your Science and Religion Textbook, make sure you don't sit next to any Born-Again Christian Fundies who talk your ear off for the next hour-plus whilst your flight is delayed. Luckily he was going to Washington, not NYC, so I didn't have to deal with it on the plane.

And they lost one of my two bags. You know, the one with my CD player, CD-MP3 player, DigiCam, BNL hoodie, checkbook, FCC, and my irreplacible driving documents. Of course, they said that the bag was coming in on the next flight from rochester (arriving in LGA ca. 3:05pm), and that they'd have it delivered to me by tonight. Obviously not yet delivered.

And I had a bitch of a time getting tickets from and kept screwing me on the pricing. So I went straight to to order direct from the cheapest fares. Wanted to FedEx me the tickets. Not an option given the time contstraints. Called American. They tried to sell me more expensive tickets. I wouldn't let them. Got the eTicket I needed. Whee.

Now I sit and try to patch MSIE so my dad can print email and web pages. Gods forbid they give up the hell that is WinMe.

Nothing seems to be working right today. My package had better come soon. As in NOW. But no, of course it won't.

Bloody hell.


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