Peter (xoder) wrote,

Just finished RITSign # 2. Entertaining as usual. Unfortunately, Will (our teacher) was late today beacause he had to go to court today and had to wait 2hrs and 15 mins for an interpreter. FYI, in my class are, Alex, the RA from Baker B, Alex from down the hall, Jacqui from up it, Brittany, whom I mentioned earlier, pokaHeather, ditto, Ed, triddo, some girl from Baker A, whose name I keep forgetting and Tat from up the hall.
Nothing very interesting happened. I just finished my first draft of my review of the Reville CD _Bleed The Sky_. its nice. I hope I don't have to return it.
Class was class. That's just the way it is, whether its in Cobble Hill, Chelsea, the Bronx or Rochester.

Class = Death = Taxes = Immutable and Ineffable

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