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I need to make with he posting. Then perhaps there will be the reading and homework.

Must see this. Dunno why, just must.

Intro to Modern Physics is nifty (zsparke and James assist this). Richmond is as nifty as I suspected. However, he is much the hardass I should have known he was from that dodgeball game. Also, I should make sure to not be late (As in 1-min before the period) to his class again.Science and Religion promises to be almost good. I fear though that the general RIT code of silence regarding anything that could possibly be controversial could stymie any fun attempted to be in the class. Only about three people in the class do not seem to agree with this policy. Me, b55b55 and maybe two other people disagree-halfwise. Circuits II I should have definitely taken before Electronics I, but whatever. AC, here I come! I haven't yet taken Honors Intro to Engineering. And Prob and Stat I is easy and has a faboo in it.

And now I go to work on things!
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