Peter (xoder) wrote,


Things not to say while discussing the creation of computer music, "Well, I tried ACID once and I wasn't pleased."

It was neat to meet my newest first cousin once removed, Noelle. It was also interesting to see a baby again. I haven't seen one in awhile.
And it was strange to see kids so close in age to me having a kid.

Funny exchange between Andy (the father and my cousin) and my aunt's friend Joan:
A: We're getting an addition.
J: To your house?
A: No, we're having a kid.
J: You're getting a goat?1
A: No, a human. We're having a human.

And in other news... people from western NY have been missed. I shall see you soon. Waking up at 4am tomorrow to get out of Bklyn in time.

So, goodnight and good times!


1 Andy's a vegan, and as such, might have gotten a goat, just to prevent its death. Very doubtful.
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