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Disturbing things seen today
  • A "Terrorist Hunting Permit." It looked very official, even had the image of NYS on it. Its serial number was 91101
  • The Directors Cut of Kite. Personally, I liked this anime, and when I heard that somewhere around 25 minutes of "explicit footage" had been cut from the American release, I must admit I was intregued to know what was cut. The directors cut has all this in it. I picked up the DVD, looked on the back, and there wasn't a single "decent" picture of the female lead (who I think of as "Kite", even though I know thats not her name). Sex sells. Scary sometimes to see it in action, no?
And in other news, I decided not to surprise the BxSci folk today. My mom warned me about slashing attacks on teachers, and for some reason that convinced me to just go to the dentist as planned.

Speaking of: I still have teeth! I should floss more, though.

Lunch, should eat lunch.

And go to the bank to deposit various checks that I can't deposit in bloody Rochester, so far from any branch of my bank.

Okay, ttyl

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