Peter (xoder) wrote,

Diff Eq

You know, after all that paranoia, I might (emphasis on the might not portion of the might, but still) get a B in DiffEq. This would be nice to offset the two C's I'm expecting from Electronics and Complex Variables. Of course, with complex, I have no idea where I really stand, but I feel that its not good.

This is bad. I need to push harder. I'm going to think over break about what I need to do, and then what I can do about it. In short, I'm bad at studying, because I never had to in previous schooling. 'Cept for some formula memorization for Budin (Honors Regents Physics).
I feel the magic all around you
Its bringing me to my knees
Like I wanna' be
I've gotta be chained to you
Chained to You, Savage Garden
And now its time for the Complex Variables cram session before the exam. Then the birdy. Again, thanks zsparke for driving me (in advance).

Well, lets see if I can avoid being such a loser for Winter Quarter.

[Expected quarterly GPA: 2.5, Cumulative: ~3.3, and I don't even want to think about my PFOS GPA]

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