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I've been finally goaded by another's words into making this post. I've been meaning to for awhile, so its not their fault.

This person said that polyamory is an excuse for being a slut who doesn't want to commit or admit to that fact.

That said, I'm a slut who loves commitment and will admit to those facts. If I don't fit into your pigeon-holes, so be it. Perhaps its because I believe that you can be committed to more than one person at once. Maybe its because I was. I use polygamist for myself (rather than polyamorist) because polyamory implies a relationship where all people involved can be together. This I do not ask of my partners, nor can I really expect it. I feel I can best be true to myself and others by not denying my emotions because of another's concept of how relationships "should" be. Love, both physical and emotional, is important enough that it should not be kept for just one person. It's so vital and so simple that everyone deserves it until demonstrated otherwise.

Of course, I could just be an amoral slut. Take your pick.



This is just the beginning -- I plan to put together a full Affirmation of Belief soon. So people know what to expect when they deal with me and so I can, in the future, look back to how I was now.
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