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Where's the update?

Of late I haven't been updating.
I feel it unfair to my LJ that I do not use it. Just because things are going rather okay to good that doesn't mean that my LJ should be neglected. Once before I mentioned how much I hated the fact that the only times I typed in here was when I was upset.

So, last day of classes was Wednesday. Still have evening class, but I'll live, really. First final is Saturday. Then one on Tuesday. Then two on Wednesday. Then I take off at 2pm.

I got a 37/145 on my most recent Complex Variables exam. I can't bring myself to care.
This essentially means that my most likely grades will be one A, 2Bs and a C. Best case? 2As, 2Bs, if that high.

I added a bunch of syndicated feeds. I hope it is yum. You can too, if you're a paid member, by going to
And, yeah. We'll see if I like getting my news through my LJ.

Anyways I leave you with this weeks theme:
I feel stupid, sayin' words you've heard before
(You've heard before)
The way I feel today is all I know for sure
(I know for sure)
And if I scare you, I'm only scarin' me
I've got so much to say, why won't you speak with me?
I need to know
Goldfinger, I Need to Know
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