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So the bad stuff:
  • I lost my RIT ID (replaced it for the fee of $5)
  • Did questionably well on an Electronics exam
  • Am sad for no good reason
  • Have a complex variables exam later tonight
  • Have no ambition to do anything
  • Disallowed comments on an entry for the first time
  • Fucked up a portion of my /usr partition in linux. Don't really know what to do. fsck-ed it, fixed a lot of things that were being misreported, however I'm still getting "Input/Output Error" whenever I try to read or write certain directories (like /usr/share)a.
  • Pataki won again (although, that's better, I suppose, than Golisano)
  • I failed to find timeslots for taking my road test at home
  • I haven't been writing, for either publication
  • I've been pissing people off
  • I've been snappy and drained
  • did I mention I don't want to do anything1

You know the song Papercut by Linkin Park? [Hush, to those who do not like LP] Well, the song speaks of a face inside that laughs when you fuck stuff up. It speaks of a part of you that likes to see you fail. I think my "face inside" is not right beneath my skin, but at the surface. I have become him. Failure is the only thing possible now, and the face inside is the one that wants to succeed, and can only look out with sadness.

I have to study. But my chest feels like it will implode from emptyness. I have lab soon.

The good stuff:
  • I'm alive and healthy
  • I did pretty well on a diffeq quiz
Of course, that doesn't mean that I'll be able to do well on the diffeq exam friday.

study, study, study


a Probably came when I asked windows to format the high windows drive.
1 Although, it would seem that I actually do want to accomplish something, just I don't have the will/focus/resolve to do it.
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