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Googleisms for Peter

[Only the interesting ones, I assure you.]

peter is spreading his own cum on the ass of his wife by his penis
peter is also running for parliament
peter is taking 17 credits at ohio university spring quarter1
peter is 30 beach
peter is walking on the water
peter is a dick
peter is great "
peter is great"2
peter is odds on favourite with working horses
peter is made of poop
peter is about to meet a bunch of chickies
peter is a terminally sad gear junkie
peter is one crazy shit
peter is the man

and the all time best
peter is peter

Googlism also says:
rit is latin for cia
Is this true? Chloe? Anybody?

And asilvahalo is right, This Parable rocks. And I'm not even religous.


1 Actually, I am taking 17 credits. But its for Winter Quarter. And its here at RIT.
2 I find the fact that the quotation mark makes a difference highly entertaining

Googlism for: faboo

faboo is to use faboo phrases susch as
faboo is out to get you
faboo is more constructed
faboo is my very best rating level
faboo is she?
faboo is filled with even more lush
faboo is a gay & lesbian site featuring fun and trashy stuff; the gay café
faboo is out on the shelves the 27th of september 1999 and all groovy stores near you
faboo is filled with
faboo is a littermate to lamar
faboo is a sexy gay mecca of goofy fun and unique merchandise offerings as well as random information about various gay subjects
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