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What kind of Drug Addict are you?

Also, mozilla's been acting kind of funny. Anything that's supposed to be in the image cache is missing, so the images don't load at all. Forced refreshes work mostly. This seems to happen from time to time. Very odd/annoying. The images are not playing so nice on my LJ friends page, but that is, I suppose, due to the huge # of images, and the limitations of LJ's image server.

Seems to be fixing, but yeah.

On another note, I am moderately annoyed at someone. He is where I would like to be right now, and forgot to mention he was going there for likely similar motives to mine. Regardless, there will be slight words.

I should also work on that electronics HW. Especially because I don't have as many lovely people to distract me. Where be they, I wonder?

In other news, the new big (19") TV in the common room with the PS2 and GCN is way too tempting for my GPA's health.

Also, I must learn key-binding, so I can make the numpad enter be the same as return, because I keep hitting enter rather than return and I get ugly boxes. Oh, and so I can use the extra buttons on my "Internet keyboard."
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