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Which RENT character are you?


You're MIMI MARQUEZ, sex dancer at the Cat Scratch club down the street and the hottest girl in town. So you've tried few drugs…well, maybe a lot of drugs…and made a few bad choices and ended up with AIDS, but you're still a good person. You live every day to the extreme, because you know that life is too short for baggage. You've loved, lost, and even given up all hope, and still life's turned around to smile at you and given you all you really ever needed.

Quiz created by Moo & Manda. Coded by Jeff.

Kicked the ass of that microcomputers lab. Did all the coding for it last night. Fixed a few fatal errors in lab. It worked. Got checked off by the TA. Prof checks it, says I didn't put a flag thing in, which causes interesting displays when keys from different rows are pressed, but its okay, because the TA is okay with it.

Now I need to start working on electronics HW. Damn Madhu and his marathon assignments!

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