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zsparke came over today with the intention of masturbating.
Her first time wasn't so good. It was all happening so fast and loud. She didn't understand what was supposed to happen.
So I thought, "well, perhaps some self-discovery could help." I ran the idea past her, and, to my slight surprise, she accepted enthusiastically.
So, we put together a time and place: 4pm today at my place.
We ran into each other at lunch, and couldn't wait.
So we headed to my place for about 2.5 hours. Kept busy pretty much all of that time, too!

What? This doesn't belong in full view? Since when does watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a good friend on my computer become dirty?

Other than that, I have a bit of electronics work to do that I'm just not getting to. And it would be a good idea to get nearly ahead with the Intro to Microcomp Lab. And especially good to get cracking on the Electronics.

Darn all my lovely distractions.

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