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Didn't you guys hear me? That was an ORDER! Now have a good week, or there will be consequences and repercussions!

People are interesting things. Especially when I do stupid things to them, and expect intelligent responses...

I've tried to do good deeds for the day. All I've gotten accomplished is none of my HW done, forgetting how to do grub so I no longer need to fiddle with the bios to get Win98 to boot, and folded a record low number of issues. I did do other good deeds I think, but, in terms of anything tangible (read, "beneficial to my box or my GPA"), they have come to approximately zero. This is okay, but will have to be remedied. Like now. And tomorrow.

My GNOME fish told me last night, "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." I think there are many ways to take that. Firstly, you worried about it yesterday, ergo, you are done worrying. Secondly, you worry too much. Thirdly _____fill in the blank_____


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