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Yes I know I missed yesterday but I have an excuse!

I had to study!
Well thats what I was doing up to 10 minutes ago. Before that I was working on my EE HW. Before that I was eating dinner. Before that I was giving Tae Kwon Do class. Before that I was wasting time. Before that I was in W&L class. Before that I was setting up my new alarm clock. Before that I was in Calc class. And before that I was sleeping.
I didn't go to psych because I coudln't fall asleep till after 3:30am. Why? I dunno.

Other than that, nothin much new.

Just more classes.

I met a cool girl today. Her name is Melissa (no its not you, creatrixx). She's one of alexanderyoshi's friends. Hopefully I can talk to her again soon. She's quite entertaining.

ttyl, for i need bed.

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