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BxSci Ppl reappear

Yeah, well, spent time today with stoneliongrowl, legreenfairy and Jaime. All very nifty. As well as the people who came up from NYC (catmandux and inconvenience) for BCF.
Watched some La Blue Girl. Disturbing as always.
Then I went to the Colin Mochrie thingie. Yum.
Then I went with the above (as well as the nifty Raff [is that it, Ritz?]) to Java Joes by the Eastman Theatre. Yumm times.

Kitty did a Tarot reading for me there. It's the third reading I've had in as many weeks. He opened by yelling at me to stop beating mysefl up. Then he went on to say that the Queen of Pentacles thought I was hot (not exactly his words, but pretty close).
It's the third reading I've had in as many weeks, and its the third that says a girlfriend is imminent. Starting to doubt my faith in Tarot.
He also said that the Page of [forgot] signifies that people have a very high opinion of me. Thats very interesting, mainly because I don't really think they should.

After Java's I went to Matt's, and what should I find there but Matt's roomie watching Ep. 2 of Gate Keepers? Watched up to ep 7 before i realized I should go home. I had him d/l the entire series. He will burn it to CD, and I will deliver blanks to him, and there will be much goodness in the world.

And I know this is not original. Hell, even I stole it, from Tarik's AIMinfo. It is still nifty, though.
Individuals around the world owe a debt of gratitude towards Abercrombie & Fitch; not since Hester Prynne embroidered an 'A' on her chest has there been such a clear indication of who to avoid....
Of course... I do have an A&F shirt. But it has 42 on it! That makes it okay, right? Right? Or perhaps it simply means that I should be avoided. Maybe I should get some more so people will believe me when I tell them that. Nah, its not worth the cash.

Don't mind the bitching.

Anyways, I'll talk to you later, I need sleep.

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