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To-do list


  • learn to be with myself
    • before someone else
  • learn to exist happily (not absolutely so, but better than now) without others
  • be less needy
  • relax
  • sleep

Less vital, but I should still get done:

  • install win 2k on the new hdd (instead of keeping on booting into win98 for this kind of stuff)
  • fix X
  • install LILO or grub
  • finish my intro to microcomputers homework so I can go back into linux and figure out this Xconfig program thing (without causing it to stop).

Sorry that I don't have anything more substantive for you. Oh, maybe you could answer something: How have I changed in the past two weeks or so? This is part of someone's theory and I'm interested in seeing what everyone else thinks, because I don't think there's been much of anything different.

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