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Written In Links

So this is being written from my Linux install. There have been some problems, and so I'm writing this from Links, rather than say one of the graphical browsers. X is broken. I have yet to find out what the full extent of my system is.
I probably need to pick a course of action. Good news is that I can get full transfer speed on my ethernet card (thanks apt-get and MIT's servers).
Its too late for me now.

I had/have some BIOS issues with my hard drive. Seems as though there was a work around, and its working. Win2k has not been installed yet, nor do I know when it will be. Win98se is still sitting on the other drive, so if I need to get work done before Linux is ready for me, I can do something about it. No bootloaders in yet. Got floppies for that. And the BIOS, too.

I feel bad about keeping faboo here for so long. There were hardware issues, and then the BIOS incompatability, and an unfamiliar installer for him. Probably should have had someone with more Debian experiance here, but faboo handled himself and me well. We played go. He defeated me by 9 (4.5 with komi).

To all non-geeks who read this, I apollogise. I would have put it into an LJ cut, but really, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I need to get a mouse driver into here, and a differently sized text for the console.

I want to go to sleep. Tomorrow I will do homework to prepare for things like the RITMRC show on Sunday. Granted, I should help on Saturday, but if I don't do my homework on Saturday, I can't help when the show is on Sunday.

BTW!!! COME TO THE RITMRC SHOW ON SUNDAY!!!! THIS SUNDAY!!! In the SAU. It's like $2 and just seeing the layout in full operation is well worth it.

So sleepy. Oh. Yeah. codepoet said I looked pensive about something. I said I'd like to know what. Thought that was interesting. Anyways. Bed

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