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A post.

Its baaaaak....

See past entries, but the issue at heart now is that I now fear that I am a straight guy born into a gay guy's body. I think/feel/enjoy being straight, but no girls are interested on a more-than-friends basis. Only guys. Yes, I guess its flattering, but I'd rather have one girl than be flattered by a thousand gay guys.

Academically today was okay. FYE was almost tolerable. We got to bitch about the Honors Proggie here, and it felt good to get that off my chest. Then I got to nap, also good. Then I went to Calc and got a quiz RIGHT. Its been awhile since that happened. Then I had Chem. It was okay. And writing and lit was the usual crap. Reporter meeting was okay as well.

Now I'm here, alone, because they all went out to the movies. Melencholy because of the usual reasons. And I just want to do something to make it all go away.

On the bright side, a bunch of ppl from Bronx Science are coming up next Saturday. There's only a week and a half of classes left, and only one more issue of Reporter this quarter. I'm nearly home.

I'm gonna shut up now

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