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Made from the best lizards on Earth

So fux0red I am.

Lab writeup for Electronics: Due tomorrow.
Prelab for Electronics: Due tomorrow.
Publicity Comittee Meeting: Tonight
RITMRC Operating tutorial (for the show): Tonight
Homework for Complex Variables: Due tomorrow.
Lab for Microcomputers: Due Thursday
Prelab for Microcomputers: Due Thursday
TKD Practice: Tomorrow Night
GDT Folding: Tomorrow Night
Anime Club: Thursday Night

So this means, I won't be able to live until about Friday. Of course, we all know that I won't have the focus required to just FINISH everything now, so I hope I can remain sane enough to just remember to breathe during all this shit.

See you on the other side,


Update: The CEDA lab seems to have its network licences fucked up to the point that all the circuit simulation and design software dies before starting up. Why can't there be a free circuit simulation and design suite?
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