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Clothes in the dryer

Now that that is done, I am truly set for sleep.

Brief recap of weekend:
After class on friday, grabbed faboo and codepoet, and ran down to BingU. Why, if we were going to ellf's in MA? To pick up his g/f asilvahalo. Then finally made it to Belchertown, MA around midnight.
Next day we wandered around Amherst for a bit, checkin out the ellF's place of learning. Then there was party. Halo, Pong, Combat, Warlords, and much Dew-n-Vodkas seemed to be the main theme. Before you ask, yes, I only did the videogames. As Ed said, "I've been Ed-like [referring to abstaining from things like alcohol, and other stuff like that] for this long, d'you really think this one thing [he wasn't referring to this party, but that's okay, context is optional] would change that?"
Then there was sleep, wake, eat pizza, depart.

Goodness was had by all. Last time I checked, anyways.

A little uniqueness, but nothing deadly or otherwise harmful. Decided all these people are good. I like good people.

I guess this brief thing has been going on for awhile, no?

I blame codepoet for IMming me, and keeping my keystrokes from my LJ window.

Regardless. I really dislike it when I come back from a trip to find that my computer decided it liked rebooting. Then there are angryish IMs on my desktop. Must avoid VNC (This has happened before when VNC was not kindly knocking off its clientelle) except when I know exactly what I am doing.

time to go

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