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First: Happy belated b'day scooby2273! I know you don't update anymore, and you probably don't even read your friend's page, but whatever!

Second: Happy Birthday mughi!

Third (and most important, even if she doesn't read this): Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

So far today, Microcomputer test went easily. So easily that I'm killing time in the RITMRC room, until I goto the RITZ.

Note to self: Purchase Stamps and Card. Now.

Note to self: Send Happy-bday email to Mom!

Note to self: Find another phrase to start these semi-paragraphs with.

Oh, yes. Don't forget I will be out this weekend, going to someplace in MA with faboo and codepoet. To see ellf, I believe.

EGAD! Diffequ test @ 3PM. Then fabooMobile! Here we go!

Oh well... ::HUGS::

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