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Moderately annoyed, mostly tired

You know what's the worst part about preregistration? Not everyone in the Honors Program does it. Case in point: my roomate Bill. He preregistered almost all of his classes. Almost. Therefore, he had a scripter running on his computer that would continuously try to log into SIS. It worked. At 5:50, he was in (they close all connections @ 5:30) and by 6:07 he had registered. By 6:45 the noise from all the other people registering on his comp woke me up. By 8, I had gone back to sleep. At 9:45 my alarm went off. Not only did I snooze it, but to show it who's boss, I shut it off. Then at 10:30, Bill's alarm went off, reminding me that I had an 11 o'clock class to get to. I threw on some clothes, went to Calc and Chem, then to the Ritz for lunch (which was actually breakfast because I forgot to have breakfast in my rush to leave). I got back at around 1:30. I napped till 3:30, went to the post office, picked up a letter from my aunt and a package from home. Then I got cleaned up and here I am, trying to do some homework that is due tomorrow before I go to dinner (lunch?) at around 6-ish. Fuck Anime Club tonite, I have to do Calc and a bunch of reading.

Damn, thats one huge paragraph. And lets not forget that last night i had to quickly write up an article for Reporter that I had forgotten to do. I think it came out decently, but we'll just have to see. I think its going to get edited to nearly none of my own writing. I finished it late last night, and IMmed it to my editor.

But now I can "relax." No wait, on top of all the HW, I have to do LAUNDRY!

grr, back to work...

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