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I have failed to write so much

The work this week, it has been crazy.

Of course, this does not mean that I have failed to enjoy myself. RITMRC was yum, as was TKD Practice last night. Anime will occur tonight, and it will be Escaflone. Hopefully these first few episodes will be as good as I seem to remember them. Unless "Visions of Escaflone" is a completely different series instead of just weird Engrish.

Things on many fronts are improving, although no new developments. Just the halting of the negatives seems to be happening.

Hopefully this weekend's trip with faboo will not kill me dead.

Regarding the paragraph before the one before this one: I have noticed that many others have been having good times too. Pleases me it does. However, there are those who need the goodness. I ask that you sap me dry. Not like any of this goodness does me any good. Enjoy!

Now and Forever, ::HUGS::

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