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Today was very slow. I should have probably gotten a head start on some work, but thats what I'm doing now, so its cool. Sorta.

Welcome zsparke! I have finally succeeded in corrupting her! Although, she'll probably just use it to read ppls (like mine and codepoet's [and others, but you don't need me to list things here]). Right now I'm the only person listed as her friend. Fix that, people!

In tech news, my system-wide bandwidth shortage seems to have gotten so bad that I can't listen to radiostorm anymore. Or even D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D. Must ravage this computer and make it pay for the horrors it has caused me. Make 98 pay. Pretend to sell my soul to XP, while rarely booting there. My new HDD calls to me. codepoet, you were saying something about a deal?


Question of the Day:
What are superhugs?

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