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Sorry if I've been surly lately, things are going annoyingly (like lacks of sleep can be very annoying). I went to sleep at like 8:30 last night, and woke up at 8 this morning ready to do some more.

Went to the Addison Special Practice today. Very fun. Lots of special techniques. Lots of work.

I should make up a GDT story either now, or after I come back from Go (if I go to Go).

Did anyone else notice that the PUB calendar has 31 days in September?

Yesterday I ran into people (like codepoet, b55b55, Jaime, Melissa, Steve, and others) a lot. In fact, some of them several times. Goodness was there. Unfortunately, I was not all there, so apollogies to anyone and everyone. I was very jellybrained yesterday. I'm still tired and somewhat out of it now, but I'll be fine. I hope its not illness. I don't feel sick, but I do feel less sharp.

love and peace,


Update (7:14pm): I should have known, the one week that I can make it to Go Club, they aren't in Java's, but instead at some house party. This is what I get for my tardyness, I suppose.

Whatever, I'll live, I suppose.

::Much hugs::
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