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So, now I am chairman of the Honors Publicity Commitee. Oh boy. Dunno what I'm gonna do with it, but it better be good.

RahXephon was good -- as in a good mindfuck. Evil angsty giant robot anime! No mindrapes please!
Didn't pick up any tapes -- what I got last time was not watched.

Went to Go club with Ed. I finally beat him with a 5 stone handicap on a 9x9 board. So, next time, four, and I can start losing again. Maybe at some point I'll even move past a 9.

Just finished the evil electronics HW. Evil becuase there was a graph which I could visualize, but couldn't get on paper due to the fact that my curves aren't smooth -- ever.

Last night, I picked up Reporter. They are fuckers. They cut my article, without notice. And they took me off the masthead. Are they trying to make me quit? It won't take much more. The other publication was flippantly mentioning needing another editor. I plan to hold them to it.

Mood not really improving, I should try to eat more protein. I've mostly been grabbing carbs, which is bad for two reasons: 1) I haven't been doing very much, physically to support such a high caloric intake and 2) carbs are a proven mood depressant.
If life's for the livin'
Check me tomorrow
We'll see if I'm emperor

My devil's on Sugar Smacks
Down at the Radio Shack
Turning shit into solid gold
Hello Time Bomb, Matthew Good Band
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