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Today I solved the mystery of the missing RioVolt. I left it in one of my classes and a TA picked it up and put it in the TA office.
Still don't know where that crazy glue I bought monday went to.
Tonight is GDT folding. Hope that cheers me up.
They postponed my article to next week because my piece made GDT 15 pages, which is not a multiple of two, and therefore, impossible. Of course, powers of two are preferred, but not necessary.
Already done with the Complex Variables HW that is due tonight at 6. Done some of the prelab (nearly all of it) for tomorrow. Maybe Electrronics soon? Its amazing what I can do when I'm not in my room.

I really should do some of that Electronics stuff, so I'll be able to go to Anime club tomorrow without anything bothering me except that I'll be missing the beginning due to an Honors Publicity Meeting. Gonna try to chair that so I can reschedule the meeting to when I don't have anything. Selfish, but I care not.

Anyways. Bleh,
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