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ljwin32_sema. Go there. Get his client. Its a bit bigger on the desktop, but the power level is through the roof! And anyways, you can change how its size is, and thusly is very powerful. Toolbars, macros, find...replace -- and the killer app -- PREVIEW! It also has limited unicode support for Win32 (98/ME), and full for XP/NT. Its just NIFTY.
Oh, and lets not forget the nifty collorful list for friends, friend change tracker, realtime music title updater.
And the best part? Most of the nifty stuff is accesable from just right-clicking on the systray.</rave>

Today. I did the RITMRC thing. Fun. I therefore failed to go to Go club (sorry codepoet), or to today's first half of the Trigun Marathon.

I don't think I'll be doing anything tomorrow. Homework. Maybe.

I've noticed that this year I've spent more time outside of my room. Still don't know if this is a good thing. I think it has made it even less likely for me to do my HW. Believe it or not.

Aside from the geekiness, I've been getting back to feeling kind of... hopeless. It had better stop. Now.

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