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What? You again?!

t-minus 10 days. Can you guess what?

Last night I went out with faboo, Melissa, Eric and Krystal to the Comix Cafe. There were other peoples like Bitch, Steve, and others who's names I would do well to remember, but this is me we're talking about here.
Thanx to a series of discussions with faboo, utilizing stuff that James mentioned, I may just have something approaching a GDT article. Once its written that is. Which'll be after today, because that Electronics HW needs to get done, and I just don't like all the Circuits review that goes into it.
Speaking of the publication of the benevolent Lord of the Underworld... I haven't yet found it today. Perhaps it would be a good idea to go searching later.

The comedy club was a good idea. Aside from some of Radiostorm's really shitty comedic skits and a slight mention near the end of the last comedy performer, I avoided all reference to the hate generated by (or that spurred) 9/11/01. I successfully did not use my dirty fingers to pick at the scab, to paraphrase inconvenience.

Now, of course, we come to another issue, whether or not I should go to eat something now. Its odd, but my stomach seems to know that I'm not gonna get a chance until 4pm to eat anything. Weird. Either that, or my breakfast was much smaller than it appeared.

Impending doom meter: rising
Let's see what that brings.

And now, borrowing from Jimmy's Chicken Shack, and codepoet (who borrowed it from someone else, I'm sure :-) ), my question of the day:
What do you do (you do) right?

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