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So, yesterday was my 19th Birthday. Thanx for all the well wishes and the gifts and so on and so on. Perhaps we can have another get together this weekend, because there were apparently many failures on that track.

Yesterday was the first RIT TKD practice of the year. Yay!

Why am I updating now? Well, I'm going to an interview that I have at 11:30, and then I have my Complex class @ 6. In between then, I must write my article and do my Electronics I HW. Why? Because Melissa was kind enough to let me at some of her free tickets to a comedy club in downtown. I grabbed Eric and Krystal, so I could get a ride-like thing, and now we're all going to the Comix Cafe. So this is nifty. 'Cept for the HW. And the real work. But otherwise cool!

I should get going real soon.

Just FYI, I'm gonna avoid the media today. I assure you its not any kind of psychological avoidance technique, but instead, I'm sick of the constant... well, whatever it is now. Its just if I hear the phrase, "We must never forget", or "God bless America", or someone holding up a flag because of what those bastards did, instead of a genuine love for this country, I think I'll start hurting things.
Hate of one is not love of the other.

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