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Its that time again....

Where I recount all the things that happen to me since last I wrote.

As I mentioned earlier, Family Values was what I was going to do last night. And I did it. So lets recount bit by bit.

The Trip Out
The trip out went rather smoothly. I was in Bill's car with Brian and Mike. We used my FRS radio to communicate with Nate's car, which had John, Justin and Crackhead Dan. If you want intros/stories-as-I-know-them about these people, just ask for it. Generally uneventful. We stopped at a rest stop outside of Buffalo to have dinner, and continued on our journey.
The Show
Sucked. Like Orgy, but bad.
Good, but not my style. Everyone knows "Push it," which was good, but the rest of their set was incoherant to me.
Linkin Park
TERRIFIC. I love this band! The album is terriffic, and their live show had so much energy. They went into the crowd and just kept going. I sang along to the whole damn show (except for their old track that they played from when they were called Hybrid Theory).
Good stuff. I don't know them as well, and I was pretty tired out from the Linkin Park set, but it was good music.
Stone Temple Pilots
Lovely! I never knew that STP did all those songs. Now I have to go and fetch them! However, I really did NOT need to see their lead (named Weilan (sp?) of all things) wearing only an American flag around his waist.

The Trip Back
Unfortunately, the trip back was not as uneventful as the trip out.
On the way back, just barely 10 minutes away from the arena, we see some Baker A people pulled over by the side of the road. Someone had cut in front of the guy in front of them, who had to brake quickly and swerve away. The people from Baker A tried to do the same, but hit the people in front of them. We then picked up Lance from Baker A, who had a tests today at 8am and noon. The authorities came and told us we weren't needed.
As we pulled over the radios actually proved useful. I told John, who had the radio in Nate's car to get off at the next rest stop and wait for us. He "rogered" back and inquired if all was okay.
Luckily, no one was hurt.
We got in shortly before 2.

And onto the exploits of today.

I skipped Psych for mental health reasons (sleeping is vitally important to my mental health). Went to Calc and W&L. Ahh well.
Other than that, its just me being my abrasive self on AIM.


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