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So, now lets see. I've had nearly all my classes at least once.
Electronics I is good. Has Prof. Madhu, who knows me and likes me, which are good things. Intro to Microcomputers seems to have some very nifty content, but the prof seems new (although its probably just that he's new with Prometheus [which I am too, so that's fair.]). Diff. Eq. also seems neat, although I was simultaneously intimidated and [whatever the opposite is] by the first lecture. Seems both harder than and an easy review of what I've done before. Lets make sure I get some pretty grades for this quarter so I don't have to worry so much, no?
Still haven't had Complex Variables, but I think I'll live. The text is in a three-ring binder. What does that mean?

t-minus 4 days

In other news, my back is nearly painless, now restricting its bothering times to only when I arch backwards.

Went down to the new Ritz today. Very odd, especially with the ESPN Sportcenter down there. Its... well, my jury's still out on that. I did like the pretty fiber optic lighting, though. I suppose the reason I'm kind of hanging on it is that I don't really associate the Ritz with RIT sporting. Then again, I don't much think of RIT sports at all. So thats just odd.

Last night's anime club was nifty. I got a shirt. stoneliongrowl, Jaime, legreenfairy were all there.
Before the meeting I went shopping with Melissa. Highly nifty and got many vital items. It was great to see her again. She also came to Anime Club.
After Club, faboo was kind enough to help me drag stuff back to my far away apartment (immediately following friends only post will have details which I realize I haven't put up yet). So extra hugs to faboo!

That about wraps it up. I think I'll just go to the COS and read for a bit before going to DiffEq.

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