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So, as of today (so far) I have done everything on the list except:
  • Find my Checkbook (I think it's still in bklyn)
  • Finish the room
  • Buy a garbage can (Okay, its not on the list, but it should be)

Not on the list that I have done:
  • See faboo, b55b55, codepoet, an individual of the small world phenominon, stoneliongrowl, and others, but of course, I can't remember things.
  • Find out that I have a brand new, really good reason to get a new HDD (I need a new OS)
  • Got Moon Commander. BLOODY GOOD GAME. Played a bit with stoneliongrowl and got people in the apartment copies.

And probably some other stuff I forgot.

Found out when the Addison practice is. José said he's in. I haven't had a chance to tell James yet.

Listening to Radiostorm again. Seems like Fret and Stoney is working hard.

Oh, and to my Trill friends. There's problems again. Read:
If you have a freezes and such.

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