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I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show in Rochester last night. Good stuff. For those of you who read this from NYC, it was different from the Village show. It was in a MUCH bigger and nicer theatre. My only real qualm was that the show started at 11:30! What is this, the preshow isn't supposed to start till midnight, and they started it early! But it was a good preshow. In many ways, the show was a lot more polished than the NYC show, but in general, it was just different. There were a lot of different shoutouts, and there were some that I did that others didn't know. I went with a bunch of ppl, mostly from A, like pokaHeather, b55b55, Bryan; some ppl who I don't know where they live, like Mike and Joe, and Neil from C.
The show was a lot more extreme than what I'm used to. For instance, all the virgins [those who had never seen rocky in a theatre before], went up to the front of the stage. In order to get down the "easy way" they had to strip down to underwear to the live music provided by the guitarrist in the cast. It was interesting, although I did not need to see Bryan in his underwear. And, anyways, the other virgins in the group failed to go up. Those poor suckers.
There were a whole bunch of shoutouts new to me. There was even one specifically set to RIT. When Rocky was doing the lights for the end of the floor show ("I'm Going Home"), after the first switch "One year of RIT" and after the second "Two years of RIT." At this point a guy stood up and said "I went to RIT for four years and I never learned any of that shit! So I dropped out and now I work at WalMart." Then this other guy got up and said, "And you got fired from WalMart!" Good stuff!

This has pbbly been my longest entry yet. What can I tell you.

I'll ttyl,
I need to prepare for Family Values tonight.

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