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So, yeah, we (mi familia) went to Deleware.

We discovered the Conspiracy of Easton (MD). Specifically that none of the highways leaving Easton are labled so as to try to keep in passers-through.

Also, the Atlantic Ocean makes for a really shitty chiropractor. I was on my Boogie board, got caught in a bad spot on a wave, got slammed down to the ground and folded me backwards. I was first concerned with getting up and walking. I had lost count of the cracks from my back during the incident, and I was deathly afraid of losing all motor control below the point. I was able to get my body upright and out of the ocean, in significant amounts of pain. I'm feeling better today, and by this rate, it will hopefully be gone by move-in day. If its not, it doesn't matter, for I will be using it anyways.

Otherwise, Deleware was mostly cloudy with occasional rain. We did mini-golf and go-carts, just because. Nick has been continuing his general funk from Wednesday of Gilboa. No good reason why.

I wish I had more to write, so I had an excuse not to pack. Nope.


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