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TKD in the Mountains of Gilboa

So I got back. I'm leaving in about 10 hours. Oy.

Lots of fun. Met one of Howard's other students, Joanna, who arrived due to her Black Belt Candidacy. She's twelve (from one of Howard's grammar school clubs), and we hit it off quite well. I think what initially drew me to her was a Melissa-likeness about her. Later in the week someone asked us if we were related, and it reminded me how much I would have loved having a sister.
Nora and Carol came back. They had practiced with Howard about 3 years ago and had almost faded from my feeble memory when they returned. To everyone's surprise (especially their own), they took their Brown Belt test.
The whole crew was there: Danny and Claudine M., Daniel and Tony M., Peter, Christine and Sarah K., Pat, Max (who still looks like Matt Damon), and, of course, my brothers and I. It was great.
Dan (the second in the list) and Max took their Third Degree tests. W00T!!

Much fun was had by all. Others got wet (not me, for I decided to sleep under cover of tent every night). I learned much more new stuff about the club and the philosophy behind it.
I believe what we're doing here is a force for good
Sadly, though, the week is done.

Now we go to Delaware for oceanic goodness. I hope..

And then back to Rochester for me.

Bu, naq yrg hf abg sbetrg gung ab bar unf rire frra Ubjneq naq Ongzna va gur fnzr ebbz.</i>
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