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Last day at work. It seemed that more people cared this year than last year. There are those I will miss much (Chris C., David, Bridgid, Albert, Joe Pena, Kate), those I will miss some, and others I probably can live without. [The above omissions is brought to you by the If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all coalition.]

C'est la vie

Tomorrow I will leave for Gilboa. This means I will be sans-'Net for a week. I know you will all be much happier for it, but I have my own well-being to consider. I did it last year, didn't I? And I'll have my not-so-live Journal. (Journalling on TKD retreats is a well-established tradition.) Will I cross-post? I might take blockquotes, but probably not an entire cross-post. Of course, that depends how my 18-20 hours of pre-Deleware go. I might be AFK straight on to school. Wish me luck!

Now I go to train in the mighty mountains raised up by a collision between billions of tons of rock millions of years ago.

Good night.

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