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No one wanted to come to the beach club today. But I still worked my tiny shift. Gonna work tomorrow.
I did some room working. Some. Lots of disposal of BxSci stuff. Some kept. Still not sure why I had it. Tossed some stuff together for the mountains trip. Think I'm in good shape. Except for the room stuff. Oh well. I have ~68 hrs after I leave for the mountains that I'm home for. This should be long enough, no?

Called the Dr. to get info on my blood test (from 2wks ago, remember?), only to find he's on vacation until 9/4.

Chris got his Learners permit. So, after that, Dad, Chris and me went out for his first ride. I drove us to Red Hook. Chris nearly killed us from whiplash. But he got a lot better since he started.

So, I got a lot of response from my last entry. Very interesting. Mostly people praising my seeming inhumanity. How odd.

gonna try teaching go to the TKD group. Here's to beating chess. Or cha-checkers.

And now Naomi is asking me for a code. I probably won't have her lj username available for you until tomorrow, as if it matters to the one person who's on my friend's list and knows Naomi, but probably never reads it due to seething distaste for myself. Thats what I get.

So, now its time for me to loggoffffff

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