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This is my December
This is my snow-covered tree
This is me pretending
This is all I need
Linkin Park - MY<DSMBR

So, yeah. Went to the dermatologist. He injected me with stuff. So many needles into one small spot on my head made me very nearly pass out.

So its official, the mountains trip starts on Sunday. Ergo, I get one more day of pay than I was expecting. Also, I get one more day to work on the room. In theory. >-- very addictive.

I skipped the staff party. Why? Many reasons. First, I was tired and ill feeling. Still not feeling too great, but whatever. Second, it sounded like the only activity was going to be drinking. And we all know how I feel about drunk people around me (they were considering having me as the "Designated Lifeguard" so they could swim, until they heard that Sal never allowed swimming at the staff parties). I mean, I never really connected fully with any of them. They all are so much... I guess the word is worldly than I. But then again, some of the things that they've found in this world, I don't neccesarily want or have. Like Roxie. She's never satisfied with any guy she finds for any longer than 3 wks. (That I couldn't have, nor would I want.)
And I'd give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
And at some point, I should start work on my Reporter assignment.

12-3 at work tomorrow. Must use time wisely.

So tired/hot/icky/dissapointed in my inhumanity. I don't want what others want, or at least not in the ways they do. And even if I do want it, I don't want anything enough to compromise my insane and inhuman principles to get it. Life is full of comprimises, and I state my ultimatum, but allow the other's ultimatum to stand, rather than mine. Fuck.

Too fucking hot

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