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The subject line is a very well reccommended site. Look at arial photographs taken by the USGS. Roxors. Got shots of RIT and my house.

Lets see...

Picked up 2600 today. Yummy goodness.
Also got another magazine (Fantasy & Science Fiction) due to two authors who were writing in it. First, Bruce Sterling, who's fiction has entranced me of late. And second, Esther Friesner (aka Auntie Esther!!). I've read both. Sterling's is both chilling and believeable, while Esther's is delectably light and has its own bite (literally). Pick it up muthafukas!!

Oh, and apparently, as I have been informed (way to burst my bubble, orangecream), mapquest has had these lovely arial photos for "a long time", and I'm just stupid. [Well, okay, she didn't say I'm stupid, but still... I am.]

I think I'll be going to the Twelfth Night with ladyravn, her b/f, pinkaliciousgrl and ironvalkyrie. Should prove interesting, assuming I can make it there anywhere near on time. Yeah, I'm going. This should be odd.

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