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Extra time

So, I went to work today. They kicked me out at 2pm. So I lost 3 hrs of pay. But I'm cool with that, becuase I got paid for 4 hrs, when I worked 3 (I took a lunch like I was staying the whole day). I was the obvious pick to leave early because of the 48 hours I worked last week.
So, with my extra time, I helped Roxie teach her Junior Lifeguarding course (they were doing CPR today), and I went to Old Navy. I got a pair of pants (cargoes, of course), two longsleeve tees, and one lightweight sweater.

I was heading back from Old Navy (the one on 6th ave and 18th st in Manhattan), so I was walking south on 6th ave (to the 14th st F station), and I was looking at the buildings, and I had a strange feeling that something was off. There were these green-copper topped buildings that seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn't place them. Then I realized they were the World Financial Center -- previously only visible from points southwest of Manhattan.
And now its visible from points north of downtown.

So, lets see, anything else to add? Driving may be hazardous to my health. I drove to work again today, and I had a pain in my lower back during the latter half of the 50 min drive. Its either my right knee or my back that doesn't like driving. Very annoying!

Damn, isn't liking my Java. I'll order ink later :-p.

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