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Dayoff again!

So, today I had the day off. I didn't get up early enough to do some driving. Sorry dad! (But I might be driving myself to work again tomorrow.)

Went to orangecream's. Showed her GateKeepers ep. 1 - 13 (for that is all I have... grr....). Much pleasure in that was held by all. I took my pills so the kitty failed to bother me. There were some music videos watched, and some pizza eaten. Also, I moved her over to mplayer2, instead of wmplayer (thanx codepoet) and joy spread to her WinME box.

And now I'm home. This is like the third day that I haven't booted up my own box. I feel like a neglectful dog owner who allows his pet to roam the streets for food, whether it be in the form of garbage, another dog, or even a small child's face. Must get my box booted, even if for no other reason than because.

So, now it is nearly time for bed. So.... zzzzz (and then work...)

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