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Well, many tips, actually.

First, for LJ: If you use the web updater, try using the portal instead. You can get to the same address by going to Of course, I still prefer the client, but whatever, I take what I can get, no?

And second, for me. There was a member today who lost his bridge (as in his tooth-covering-thingie) in the deep end. This is a long-term member, who I know and actually like and respect, so after I started clearing the pool (at 8pm! oy!), I jumped in for him, and after 2 minutes of bottom searching, found his dental work. He was so happy, he ran off, even before taking the thingie from me. When he came back, he had $25 in hand for the bridge. How nice!

The second tip was the most exciting part of today. Other than that Roxie was significantly short on guards (some trip to Delaware I had failed to hear about), and it was Sal's (the guard, not the manager) birthday.

My mom did her swim very well! Go Mom!
She'll be coming to work tomorrow, so that'll be neat. She probably won't stay the whole time I'm there ('till 8pm again), but whatever!

Ah, and yes!

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