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More boring days... this is getting well-nigh unbearable. I need something to spice things up a little bit. Girlfriend, sport, art, sleep--ANYTHING!

One of my Reporter articles came out today. Good stuff.


Had class today.
Calc exam. It was mostly okay, although I still am having trouble with this whole concept of calculating error. Ah well. I'm losing a minimum of 10 points from that. Hopefully the rest of the exam is immaculate so I still pull an A.
Chem class was boring as usual. Nice ppl I sit with there, so its all good. John (Arby) from the floor, nonPokaHeather and Jim, a person who has every single class with her (same majors... it is an odd thing though, isn't it?).

Going to the Amazing Maize Maze with the floor tonight. Hopefully it wil prove interesting or at least entertaining.

Good news: this weekend I have plans. I'm going to RHPS tomorrow night with PokaHeather as my chauffer/virginal offering. She's still a Rocky virgin, so thats something for her. Then sunday is the Family Values trip. A few of us from the floor are going to Buffalo to see the Family Values Concert. It should prove entertaining.

Wow, for not having anything to say, I've gotten a lot down as bits.


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