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I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I drove to work. This is good. I should check the DMV so I can find out how to schedule a road test.

I need to get cool.

I failed to eat properly today. I blame my blood test. I had to leave the house without breakfast (to keep with the 12 hr fast), and when I got back home, I forgot to eat breakfast. Grabbed a banana and ran to the train. The banana made me hungrier. I was ready to kill someone and eat it. I switched hours with someone, so I could get some more time @ the beach club, which got me a lunch. So I ate. Never again will I eat at the restaurant at the club. The food's not too great, and it takes forever to get anything!. I was 2/3 done with my break before I got my food. That sucked. Oh, and lunch was nearly $12. Fuggedaboutit!

My mom's doing a 4 mi. swim tomorrow in L.I. Sound. This is the big one for this year. (Unless she decides to do the Little Red Lighthouse Swim, 7.8 mi. [last year's was cancelled due to 9/11/2001].) She's never done swims of this length before. She'll be fine, though, I know. :-)

Its nearly time for me to print out my wishlist for my parents to give to my relatives. What did I forget guys??

Clouds? Thunder! LIGHTNING!

So... yeah... I feel boring. Like I'm having all these new, yet equally mundane experiences, and that I recognize them as boring the second I realize they're new. Like driving. Like blood tests, and stufff.
I'm normal/average/common/boring. But I'm sure y'all already knew that.

I've been playing Go with Nick. He beat me today, with a 2 stone handicap in his favor. Time to tone that down. I think I'm doomed to be bad at all board games. I can teach the basics, but my students always surpass me.
Lets hope I'm so lucky with my TKD, for James and José's sake.


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