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Forgot to mention the New schedule (guard left for the summer, and stuff like that)
M -
T 10-6
W 9-6
R 11-6
F 12-3
Sa 11-6
Su 9-8

So, work was managable-ish. I ♥ robots!! Domo arigato Mr. Roboto! I did not need to vacuum the pool this morning. The ROBOT did it for me last night!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the chemicals were at reasonable levels, so I had a nice slow hour until the pool had to open.

Read something on my friends page, and it makes me want to have my always on Internet again. There are people who need a good, loving AIM every now and again.
I feel I should let you all know, I love you.
You need a hand? Even if I only got 3 fingers, you got 'em!
Now, although it is tempting to limit the above statement, I believe I do love everyone who reads this page. If I don't love you, don't tell me, because I do. I hope faboo does not think these statements unoriginal. Of course, he'd argue one of two things: a) nothing's original or b) I stole the idea myself!

So, now... troz.

BTW, I'm working (only in my head so far) on a Peanuts fanfic. Involving Peppermint Patty, Marcy and [of course] Charlie Brown. Any tips would be appreciated. (I've already decided to age them forward a decade or so, sorry all you lolit(a/o) fans :-P)

so, ::hugs::
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