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Stuff, much stuff

So... lets see... Yesterday:
Went to Doctor. New grown-up doctor. Interesting.
Met Ari. Bought [what turned out to be a shitty] go-ban. Met Kim. Came home. Taught AriKim go, to a degree.
Got the papers!!!!!!
Went to last_soldier's b'day party at Bowlmor. Met up with Cyrus, charleniehead, catmandux, Xi, and Azriel (nightstalker's brother [who didn't remember me from Lunacon 2001]).
We left early to drop of proserpia off at her apt.
Ari and I returned home, fell into beds, and woke up at 7am this morning.

Then I went to work. Almost got stuck at the pool for the 3rd day running. Got the beach. Enjoyed much. Bridget (aged 16) was there. Entertaining as always. Also talked a lot with this troublemaker's (Matt) cousin, Kate (aged 15). Why can I only be charming and sociable to underage girls? Am I turning into nightstalker? Oh dear!

And otherwise...? Nearly out of pocket cash, but I'll make it to Thursday, so no need to worry :-)
Told Bridget the THEORY. She didn't really have any response. First time that's happened. She thought at first that it was my own will that lead to the THEORY, but I quickly corrected her on that account. But I'm baka, and you all know it.

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