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So, yeah, no work today.
So I bothered Laura for a bit. I got her to watch Four Rooms and she got me to watch Office Space. A good time was had by all moviewatchers. I failed to get her to watch even an episode of Trigun. I give up on getting her to anime. I mean, she didn't even like Read Or Die!

What about weather for tomorrow? Doesn't look good, although I may just get a few hours before the lightning comes rolling in.

And in other news, V'z gur jbefg fphz gung V unir rire orra. V unir orpbzr rirelguvat V ungr, naq V pnaabg fgnaq zlfrys. Naq V'z nobhg gb pnhfr n tbbqyl nzbhag bs cnva gb crbcyr jub V pner nobhg naq unir qbar abguvat jebat gb zr. V nz fphz.

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